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Loose Chiffon Beach Dress.




If you want to learn more about this product, I got mine here: I love these beach dresses so very much, that I am sort of collecting them. I have four of them…I think, or is it five? Any way, when I first bought one, I ordered the XL, and I loved the look, but wondered if I could keep the super flowy look while looking less wide. It’s a thin line. After my second dress I got brave and ordered the Large, and sure enough, I am a perfect large. And if I could wear these dresses every day and not be though of as weird, or rather weirder, than I would. They feel great – no constrictions, and lots of air flow – and they look adorable! This dress has two layers to it, a slimmer fitting silky liner, and the really flowy chiffon shell. Anyway, you can see how it fits on me. I’m wearing the L and I am 5’9”, 160 pounds. 39 inches in the bust and hips, and 33 in the waist (which is three fingers above the belly-button).